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A lot of what we do here is answer questions.

For something so small, there’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding in-ear monitors. Primarily the support, sales, and marketing teams are interfacing with prospective customers about everything from the nature of our IEMs to logistical questions. One question that almost everyone who works at 64 Audio has gotten asked, especially from their close friends and family, is “What are in-ear monitors?”.

We wanted to start our series of educational videos by answering that most basic question.

These products serve a seemingly simple function, in-fact earphones are even given away for free alongside other products like cell phones. Some may think of music in that sense, it seems fairly simple and wide-spread. You hear music while you’re walking through a store but to call that the tip of the iceberg is an understatement. You’ll learn that the hard way when you try to download a 5gb song in DSD format and learn that you need thousands of dollars of equipment just to play it, not to mention the process of producing that music in the first place. 

In short, our range of in-ear monitors are the pinnacle of earphone technology in its pure form.

They can be used as a simple audio output device, a highly specialized tool for mixing and performing music, or a top of the line toy for music enthusiasts. Research and development, materials used, manufacturing process, quality control, performance, longevity; these are all things that elevate world-class products and reinforce their comparative value. 

We hope this video answers this question and hopefully some others that you may have.

You can always email us at or call us during business hours to answer any other questions. Keep an eye out for our next video in this series which will go over the impressions process. Visit us at to learn more!

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