Mic Cable

Something that we’ve carried for as long as we can remember is the in-line mic cable. It’s always been our 2-pin cable with an in line microphone. Recently we changed things up by including an IPX option as well as upgrading our 2-pin version.

Low Impedance, Easy Controls

Enjoy the same low impedance SPC cable with branded four-conductor TRRS 3.5mm audio jack now with three buttons that control volume, music, calls, and voice commands. Our Cable with Mic makes it easy to control your music and take phone calls on the go.


Another way of using your IEMs off-stage is now made possible by being able to plug directly into your favorite gaming console controller. You can experience the rich sound-design while being able to talk to your friends via the in-line mic cable. 

Our Gift To You

In recognition of the cable revamp we’re offering a free mic cable with the purchase of any IEMs through the end of the month! Easily switch from casual listening to taking a phone call, play console/pc games solo or online with voice capabilities, and take zoom meetings without needing to remove your IEM’s! 

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2 Pin – 2PINMIC

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