James Demer (creator of Demerbox) and one-time R&D manager at 64 Audio, suggested that we produce our own series of unboxing videos that go into detail about every one of our universal IEMs. We finally got a chance to sit down with Filipp Sklyarov (Marketing Lead) this fall and batch record an unboxing experience of all of our universal in-ear monitors starting with our most recent releases. 

We’re obviously going for the look of your typical “unboxing” video but from the perspective of the manufacturer; these are all meant to be a deep dive into our UIEMs. Rather than a scripted marketing activity we decided to let Filipp go off the cuff with every unit throughout the course of the two day shoot so you’ll be getting a mostly unfiltered raw presentation of what you can expect. 

Starting with the packaging, accessories, build, specs and ending with notes on the sonic characteristics; these videos are a great way for the visual and auditory learners out there who want to know more about our products. 

Check out the Duo and U6t videos on YouTube and make sure to checkout the rest of the playlist where we open all 8 UIEM models. 

Unboxing Videos



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