Experience True Immersion

64 Audio revolutionized the IEM industry in 2016 with its world class reference grade U18t, the world’s first 18-driver earphone. Now, with the introduction of U18s, 64 Audio has taken the heritage of that 18 driver platform and further pushed the envelope of innovation in sound and design. U18s combines proprietary drivers, LID technology and a new electronic crossover network to deliver a uniquely exceptional listening experience. 

U18s is handcrafted in the USA from aerospace-grade aluminum billet. CNC milled, sand blasted, fly cut, and twice anodized. This all comes together in a unique visual juxtaposition of naturally occurring shapes and precision engineered accuracy.

U18s Sound

Listening to U18s gives the sense that a filter has been lifted off of your music; it is suddenly more direct and vibrant. Resolution and presentation that reveals details which have previously gone unnoticed. The space between you and the performance is removed; the difference between hearing the best reproduction and experiencing it being played in real-time. The enveloping sound-stage and wide frequency response allows you to really press into the music without fear of harshness or fatigue.

U18s Milling

CNC Milled From Aerospace-grade Aluminum

U18s Faceplate

Visually Inspired By Natural Formations


This pneumatically interactive vent relieves air pressure in a sealed ear canal, alleviating listener fatigue and opening the soundstage.  


Enjoy a steadfast sound at any venue. From studio to stage, this proprietary circuit ensures your IEM’s sound signature stays the same no matter what it’s plugged into.


Our industry-first, tubeless technology eliminates sound-altering dampers and tubes. This reduced resonance reveals a new level of resolution and transparency.

Electrical Low Pass Filter

U18s All Pass Filter

The electrical low pass filter lowers distortion by eliminating unwanted frequencies. It does this with an electrical circuit that eliminates target frequencies before they reach the driver. An acoustic damper (old technology) doesn’t actually prevent frequencies from getting to the driver, it merely blocks frequencies from getting to the ear.  At higher volumes acoustic dampers can introduce unwanted distortion through vibration and air movement.

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