Here They Come!

Back in November 2016, we publicized the release of three new models – the A18 Tzar, U18 Tzar, and tia Fourté.

The A18 Tzars have been shipping from the lab since February and we are now thrilled to announce that the Fourté and U18s have begun to ship out as well!

We appreciate our customers’ patience as they have expectantly awaited the arrival of their new products. We assure that the wait will have been worth it for these first-of-their-kind in-ear monitors.

Our U18 Tzar features the proprietary tia high driver as well as the tia single-bore design. Along with its custom counterpart, the A18, this is the first 18-driver model on the market. With its unique design and configuration, the U18 promises to provide detail like you’ve never heard before. This model has a retail price of $2999 USD and is available through our online store.

The tia Fourté is the world’s first earphone to use the tia system: the tia drivers, the tia acoustic chambers, and the tia single bore. In addition to this special system, the fourté also features a passive radiator and our apex technology to greatly reduce listener fatigue. This tubeless in-ear monitor embodies a new way to deliver sound from the drivers to the listener’s ears in a more natural, unobstructed way. You can find out more on our website, where the Fourté is available for purchase for $3599 USD.

To learn more about the tia technology that makes these new models so special, please visit our tia technology page here.