Silver Premium Cable

We’re going to break down why we use the cables we do, how they benefit you, and what makes our Silver Premium Cable so special in light of it all.


A crucial part of any audio system is the cabling that connects the final output device to its source of power. In the case of in-ear monitors, the cable that is connected to the earpieces and terminated in a 3.5mm jack is typically considered to be a part of the earphones.

While most earphones/earbuds that we encounter in popular consumer electronics are permanently connected to their cables, in the case of 64 Audio’s custom and universal IEMs the cables are detachable. This is something common in the professional and high-end earphone/headphone industries. 

Premium In-Ear Monitors, Premium Cable

64 Audio has always provided high-quality components and accessories to accompany our world-class IEMs. This is certainly true of the cables that come standard with our range of IEMs, which is already an extremely low resistance silver plated copper.

We are always trying to get the most out of the IEMs as possible; as evidenced by our LID technology which ensures consistent frequency response regardless of additional resistance in the signal chain.

There are, however, more exotic and efficient options when it comes to IEM cables. 

Digging Deep

Understanding that cables are a touchy subject, especially among audiophiles, we set out to find a higher end solution for our customers who have asked us for third party cable recommendations for years.

Knowing that we couldn’t test all available third-party options to give our customers truthful recommendations we opted to source our own option for a cable upgrade.

Here’s where we introduce the Silver Premium Cable.

Have a look:

Lowest Resistance Available

Not only is it a gorgeous companion to any 2-pin IEM, having the ability to be mistaken for jewelry because of the immense amount of precious metals used, the performance is what makes it really special.

The Silver Premium Cable was designed to realize the full potential of our products so that every subtle nuance of the music can be heard from output to ear tip. 200 strands of Silver Plated Copper wire provide an exceptionally transparent audio signal without sound distortion or denigration and minimal microphonics.

With SPC wiring, Silver Alloy Cores, and Silver Premium Audio Solder, the Silver Premium Cable is our lowest resistance cable available.

– 26 AWG
– Ultra-Low Resistance
– Multi-Core Structure
– Premium Audio Solder
– Silver Plated OCC & Silver Alloy

Multiple Termination Options

Available as a cable upgrade for our Universal IEMs, you also have the choice of three gold-plated termination options: 3.5mm, 2.5mm, & 4.4 Pentaconn. Buy one here and get the most out of your IEMs.

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