Conception Of Nio

64 Audio has been making “hybrid” IEMs for quite some time. With Fourté and Trio utilizing a Dynamic driver, a Balanced Armature, and Tia drivers one could even call these IEMs “tri-brid” if you really wanted to start some forum controversies. Nio, our Newest Hybrid Universal In-Ear Monitor, was conceived in light of the great reception of these models.

High-Driver Count Hybrid

We were led to exploring a high-driver count hybrid universal IEM. For the longest time this mystery IEM, in-development, was presented at trade-shows as a discrete black shell with a faceplate that simply sported a big question mark.

Internally it had many nicknames but eventually we were ready to release Nio to the world. 

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Nio, our newest hybrid universal in-ear monitor, is built with a 9mm dynamic driver and 8 balanced armature drivers, including our Tia technology. With a sound signature characterized by extended lows and a rich 3-dimensional soundstage, Nio’s smooth treble and enveloping warmth provides hours of fatigue free listening.

Nio, Exploded View

Ergonomic Aluminum Shells

Each ergonomic shell is milled out of a solid piece of aluminum and finished with a striking blue abalone faceplate. Combining the world of sound and design using meticulous craftsmanship and industrial machining.

Along with a new packaging design, we chose the Nio to help debut our new mX apex modules, which offer the most pressure relief and give Nio the most “reference” and neutral tonality. As an introductory offer our Silver Premium Cable was free with purchase of Nio. 

Nio has almost instantly become a favorite among new and existing 64 Audio fans. As with most of our revolutionary universal IEMs, Nio is a massive statement piece both visually and sonically. See for yourself why our newest hybrid universal in-ear monitor checks all the boxes.

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Update August 2021: 

Nio has been announced as a finalist for the 37th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement for Headphone/Earpiece Technology. 

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