Customize your IEMs with New Zealand Abalone

We love unique customizations here at 64 Audio, making custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) doesn’t only refer to the custom shape of the IEMs, we have a large variety of faceplate options, like simple solid/translucent colors or real wood veneer.

For this month we’ve continued our collaboration with Luméa and are offering a limited run of these incredible colors of sustainably sourced Haliotis iris shell from New Zealand: Blue Sapphire, Pink Topaz, and Tiger Eye.

Available throughout April 2021 or while supplies last. Applicable to new custom IEM orders only.

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Luméa New Zealand Abalone.

Formed By The Ocean. 

“Luméa Veneers have been carefully sliced from our whole shells. An intricate process that turns a curved shell into a flat and versatile product solution using thin strips of shell called feathers which are pieced together like a puzzle to form the full sheet. 

Each shell has individual features marked by time, tides and territory. Their inner layers of iridescence, when revealed, refract bright shimmering colours, giving blues their deepest blues and greens their most intense greens.

Over time, seashells take on individual shapes – the angles, curves, distinct textures and mysterious hues are formed by hard layers of calcium carbonate and sediment, each unique to their seabed environment.”


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