Brand New IEM Vac

We’re excited to introduce to you the new 64 Audio IEM Vacuum!

Keeping up with the maintenance of your IEMs is arguably the most important factor in ensuring a long life for your custom in-ear monitors. The simple, and slightly uncomfortable, fact is that custom IEMs are probably the only audio device used in professional concert settings that are inserted into our bodies. Needless to say, that comes with some need for cleanup.

Along with keeping the ear canal clear of any wax or debris, we typically advise custom IEM users to wipe down and clean their IEMs with the provided cleaning tool after every use. With this sort of consistent care you can find yourself using the same set of IEMs (with a bit of fit adjustment) well over 5 years, in some cases we see folks still using their original 1964 Ears from 2010 and 2011.

What if you require a more involved cleaning method to keep up with maintenance? This could either be because you aren’t able to clean them after each use, you personally produce more wax than is manageable with a simple cleaning, or you are responsible for multiple sets of IEMs at any given time.

Introducing our new IEM Vac! This is an IEM vacuum tool with the best value on the market. IEM VAC is compact and powerful, the perfect tool for maintaining custom IEMs . You can quickly and easily remove earwax and keep your ears sounding perfect in any environment from backstage to your home. A large power button, a stainless steel hose connector, and a few other improvements makes the IEM VAC the most durable IEM vacuum on the market.

You can either buy the IEM Vac and pack it into your existing road cases or you can opt to buy the hard case specifically built for the Vac. If purchased in tandem with the IEM VAC, the vacuum and accessories will ship in the hard case instead of the standard IEM VAC box.

Take a look at this quick video we produced to show a hands-on demonstration of the Vac’s capabilities. 

How To Clean In-Ear Monitors

Please reach out to for any additional information regarding the IEM Vac or IEM maintenance and feel free to contact if your IEMs are in need of some service/repair. We also offer a Deep Cleaning service where you can send us your IEMs and we can perform a thorough cleaning and testing of the custom IEM.