Recently, 64 Audio’s founder, Vitaly Belonozhko had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Brauer, the Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer for The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin and many more. Michael and his assistants have been using custom 64 Audio A12s and A10s for several months in Brauer’s studio space at Electric Lady Studios in New York. He has some great things to say about his experience with our flagship A12s.


“When comparing the A10’s to A12’s, I prefer listening to the A12s. I find the bottom and midrange exactly as I imagine my mix to sound. The A10s also have a beautiful sound – a real clear midrange. I imagine classical music sounding amazing on them.

I don’t use the 64 Audio in-ears to replace mixing on speaker monitors but I do like to use them for critical listening. It helps to hear what’s going on a couple layers back in the mix and to ensure there isn’t any slight leaning to one side on reverbs or other stereo instrumentation that I intended to be balanced. 


My assistants also use the 64 Audio in-ears on a daily basis. They use them for cleaning up vocals, getting rid of clicks and pops as well as de-essing. Especially for de-essing, my guys find pulling out that extra sibilance is much more accurate using the 64s instead speaker monitors. In general, we’ve found more success nailing the comments and subtleties using the 64 Audio A12s.”

“Now that I’ve come to trust the A12s, I can make comments on a mix outside of the studio. This is especially important if I need to listen to the mastering of record while away from the studio.”


“ATC and Barefoot studio monitors have become standard in many studios because they sound great and are really accurate. I love them both. That is also what I find in the 64 Audio A12s – accuracy. The bottom end is great and the overall sound I’m hearing is super accurate.

 With the A12s, I don’t need to turn them up to get a quality sound and I also don’t get ear fatigue. They have these little modules attached to each in-ear that give the impression of more ambiance. I don’t really know how to explain it but they don’t seem to have that pressure in the ears that normal in-ears give me.


I use them for listening critically or just for enjoying music. I recently had an artist at the studio mentioning that he was very unhappy with how any music sounded through his personal in-ears on stage and when doing critical listening. I had him try a pair of the U12’s listening to a mix he was making comments on and he flipped out. He loved how they felt, how the mixes sounded. It was a really positive reaction.


64 Audio also has great options to make it custom to your taste. My A12 are carbon on black. It is a simple look. I also got a cable that gives me the ability to use it as a microphone for my phone.

I really liked how easy the process was ordering the custom A12’s online. They have great options. You can really customize them to your needs! They guys at 64 Audio are great to deal with. For me, it was a very positive experience.”

“Up until I started using the A12’s, I never considered using in-ears for critical listening. With 64 Audio I can trust that what I’m hearing is accurate.”


We at 64 Audio are proud to hear such words of affirmation from an engineer with as much experience and talent as Michael Brauer has. We never get tired of hearing our customers share how trustworthy, detailed, and comfortable they have found their 64 Audio custom in-ear monitors to be.


Find more information about the 64 Audio model that Michael Brauer uses in his work and at his leisure by heading to A12 page on our website here