IPX and 2-Pin Socket Types

IPX Cables come in black, or white color options

The rumors are true, the standard 2-pin connector comes with its fair share of issues. We have always recognized some of these issues over the last decade of building IEMs with the 2-pin sockets. Although a majority of IEM users do not experience some of these failures, if not properly maintained, this socket can lose retention and/or corrode due to exposure to moisture. As a general rule, we build our custom IEMs with a recessed 2-pin socket to help with retention, but in cases where there isn’t enough room we build the CIEMs with a non-recessed 2-pin socket. In the case of non-recessed 2-pin sockets the cable is connected to the IEMs only by the tension of the pins in the circular sockets. In more demanding environments this could rear its head in very inopportune times.

Although not initially convinced, when originally presented with this connector by Danish company estron a/s, we worked to develop our own implementation of their single pin connector into a proprietary cable that offers an elegant low-profile solution within a low-resistance SPC cable. On top of this cable having a much higher level of retention, over-time, it has a moisture resistance rating of IP67

The new 64 Audio IPX cable/connector is designed to combat the most humid and tough environments. Its main strengths are reliability and water resistance. These key features accommodate any of your lifestyle needs. Made for all musicians, audiophiles and music lovers who demand the best connection system in the industry. Its unique 45 degree angled housing with ear hook promotes a better fit around the ear and extends cable durability. It has a slim 90º 3.5mm jack and a soft wire construction, which makes this the best go-to cable on the market for your CIEMs. 


  • Flexible/Supple Cable
  • Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper
  • Lower resistance than tinsel and most litz cables
  • Angled water resistant T2 connectors
  • 90 degree angled 3.5 mm jack
  • Premium soft rubber overmold on connectors
  • Heatshrink Earhook
  • Colored blue/red marks for Left/Right distinction

Now when designing your new custom IEMs you will have the option of the traditional 2-pin socket or our new IPX socket. Backup cables can be purchased here as well: https://www.64audio.com/collections/cables-and-adaptors