Nine years ago, we set out to challenge everything the industry knew about in-ear monitor design. In 2016 this work culminated in the release of tia™️, our tubeless in-ear audio technology.

Tia allows sound to travel to the ear in a more natural way by eliminating tubes found in conventional IEMs. This innovation results in a more expansive soundstage and smoother frequency response.

Our complete tia system comprises three elements: open balanced armature drivers, a single-bore design, and acoustic chambers. Each of these elements reduces resonance, producing an incredible level of resolution and transparency.

“The industry just kind of repeats history, and copies itself. It’s all just tubes, drivers and dampers. Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s not necessarily about the total number of drivers, but how you arrange them.”

Vitaliy Belonozhko, Founder and Chief Sound Designer

As an industry-first technology, tia paved the way for IEMs designed around more than just driver count. Leveraging the complete tia system, tia Trió™ and tia Fourté™️ redefined what three and four-driver IEMs can achieve.

Fourté Noir

Over the years, our preferences for sounds have changed and our technologies have continued to advance. The preferences of our 64 Family have also changed, and we’ve gain gained invaluable feedback from your reviews and conversations.

“Fourté was our best at the time, but we’ve evolved, learned, matured and that bar can always be raised. Fourté Noir is that new bar.”

Vitaliy Belonozhko

Fourté Noir™️ celebrates tia’s impact on the audio industry and builds on the success of our groundbreaking tia Trió and tia Fourté.

64 Audio Fourte Noir universal earphones

This limited edition design features the complete tia system with a warmer bass response and smoother top end. With similar specifications to the tia Fourté, Noir offers refined tuning and a host of premium materials.

Internally, the retuned dynamic low driver results in a richer low-frequency response. And the superior silver content in Mundorf® solder improves conduction for better transient control.

An updated 2.5 mm balanced 8 braided premium cable provides lower resistance, yielding smoother high-frequency response.

64 Audio Fourte Noir universal earphones in product packaging

The final appearance wraps tia Fourté’s signature copper-patinated faceplates in a new, all-black, aluminum shell. The organic nature of the copper patina ensures each set is as unique as your fingerprint.

64 Audio Fourte Noir universal earphones sitting on black surface

tia Trió

Considered by many to be the sweet spot between reference-level clarity and a smooth sound signature for extended listening sessions.

Unmistakably hybrid in nature, tia Trió‘s sound signature offers both deep, voluminous bass and engaged, sparkling treble. And the complete tia system delivers a holographic soundstage for extraordinary detail.

Enjoyed by both audiophiles and studio artists, tia Trió offers clear, laid back, 3D sound in any genre.

tia Fourté

Tia Fourté takes full advantage of everything we’ve learned up to this point in designing world-class in-ear monitors.

Boasting the most accurate and widest soundstage of any IEM, tia Fourté is considered the ultimate choice for audiophiles. Its lifelike audio and three-dimensional sound make tia Fourté ideal for critical listening. And delivers a truly unique sound signature, unlike anything previously available.

We’re proud to share these paradigms of in-ear monitor design and celebrate how far we’ve come in the last nine years. Thank you to our 64 Family for joining us on our journey to connect more deeply to the music we love. We look forward to sharing another decade of discovery together.