Since we’re a boutique company, making almost all of our products by hand, we want to make sure our ordering process is as clear as possible. The screenshots and descriptions are based on the desktop version of our website, but should still apply for our mobile site with a slightly different looking format. For a more condensed explanation you can visit the “How To Order” page on our website or watch this quick video:


Buying any of our merchandise or accessories is a pretty straightforward online shopping experience. If an item is out of stock, or on backorder, the product page will indicate that. Accessories will likely take a couple of business days to process and ultimately leave the building. 

Universal In-Ear Monitors

Our Universal In-Ear Monitors (UIEMs) are hand built similar to our Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs), right here in Vancouver Washington. Learn more about UIEMs vs CIEMs in our previous blog post. We strive to have a decent stock available for online purchases, but large orders from distributors and dealers can disrupt that, causing a short build time to be added onto your order. 

  1. To buy a UIEM start by navigating to our Universal IEM page by either clicking the “Universal” tab at the top of the site or the “Order Now” button in the Universal In-Ear Monitors section of the homepage. 
  1. From there you will choose your preferred model from the list and click on the link to get to that model’s product page.
  1. The product pages feature extensive details and high resolution images of the IEM. You’ll be able to click “Add to Cart” at the top of the page, as well as the bottom in some cases. 
  1. If the UIEM model isn’t in stock or has a longer build time it will be indicated next to the “Add to Cart” button.
  1. Our B-Stock UIEMs are actively updated on the website, so you’ll be able to add it to your cart if it’s in stock and it will say “Sold Out” if we have none in stock. 

Once the UIEM is in your cart you can add additional UIEMs or accessories and continue through the checkout process. 

Custom In-Ear Monitors

Ordering our CIEMs involves a bit of design and data entry on your part. CIEMs are custom-made to fit your specific ear shape, based on ear impressions made by an audiologist and mailed to us. They are also custom in the sense that you can pick from hundreds of cosmetic options. 

  1. To buy a CIEM start by navigating to our Custom IEM page by either clicking the “Custom” tab at the top of the site or the “Order Now” button in the Custom In-Ear Monitors section of the homepage. 
  1. From there you will choose your preferred model from the list and click on the link to get to that model’s product page.
  1. The product pages feature extensive details and high resolution images of the IEM. You’ll be able to click “Order Now” at the top of the page. Our build time for all CIEM models is determined by our current production capacity, and listed above the “Order Now” button. This build time starts when the order and impressions are in the building (or digitally on file) and ends when the CIEM ships. 
  1. Once you’re in our designer, the first cosmetic option determines the color of the shell. The shell is the portion of the CIEM that sits inside your ear and isn’t visible to others when worn. We’re limited to five options because our CIEM shells are 3D printed. You can, however, configure each side separately.
  1. The faceplate of your CIEM is what is visible to others while you’re wearing them. This is where you can really get creative. The Solid and Translucent options are no extra charge, while the others are an additional cost. Both sides can also be configured separately. 
  1. The “Artwork” tab is where you choose logo colors, rhinestones/watch gears, or custom artwork. There are some faceplate options that will automatically not work with some or all of these options. The logos are free and the other options come with an additional charge. Both sides can also be configured separately. 
  1. We offer two types of connections, particularly the part of the IEM that connects to the detachable cable. Our .75mm 2-pin sockets are an industry standard connector for IEMs and gives more aftermarket cable options. We typically recommend the 2-pin option for audiophiles. The IPX (sometimes referred to as T2) connector is a moisture resistant snap-in socket made by Estron A/S that has proven to be a more robust choice for live music performers. Along with the socket you can choose between two colors; and in black you can choose between two lengths. 
  1. In the finalize tab we make sure to get all additional relevant information.
A. Band/Church/Company Name

Enter your band/church/company name; we use this to track group orders as they’re making their way through the production floor. If this isn’t relevant to you, just fill it in with your name (*note: this information will not appear anywhere on the final product).

B. Name of User

Enter your name (First and Last) as it is written on your impressions package or as it is stored in our system from a previous order. This is mainly used to make sure we pair your order with the correct set of ear impressions. 

C. User Initials

Your initials will be printed on the shell of the IEMs next to the serial number, as a quick way of making sure you have the correct set.

D. Impressions

Select “Sending New Impressions” if you haven’t gotten impressions made. If you’ve gotten your impressions made, visually approved by our team, and have already sent them select “Already Sent Impressions.” If your impressions are on file from a previous order, select “Impressions On File From Previous Order.”

E. Custom Case Engraving

Each CIEM ships with our aluminum case. You have the option of custom engraving two lines of text (26 Character max each). Often it’s a combination of a customer’s name and contact info. Or you can leave it blank.

F. Rush Processing

We normally offer 3-Day ($499) and 7-Day ($249) rush options, but we remove them when our build time creeps up too high. 

G. Sales Rep

If you’ve been working with a particular rep through the ordering process, please select them here. If you haven’t been working with any of the folks on the list, select “No Sales Rep.”

H. Order Notes

Any additional notes or questions can be added here and will be read by the order processing folks when the order is started.

I. Terms and Conditions

Acknowledgement of our terms and conditions is required in order to move on to the order summary.  

  1. Double check all of your customizations and personal information before adding the CIEM to your cart. You can also save the design and share it as a URL to bring it back up at a later time. 
  1. After completing the checkout process you will receive an order confirmation email outlining the next steps. The email will also include a link to our Ear Impressions Guide. Your audiologist will need to follow this guide in order to cast your ear impressions to our specifications. 
  1. Here’s what you can expect when getting your ear impressions made by an audiologist.

Once you have impressions in-hand email these four photo angles to for a visual approval prior to shipping them to us. 

  1. Once our impressions team visually approves them and responds to your email, you will need to mail your impressions to this address.


4510 NE 68th Dr. Suite 102

Vancouver, WA 98661 USA

 Please pack them into a small box to prevent them from being crushed. Please include this PACKING SLIP inside the box.

Once your impressions arrive, and there’s a paid order in our system, the build process will start. You’ll get an email confirming that we’ve received your impressions and have started the build process. You will also receive an email when your order has shipped.