64 Audio is proud to release the EP-Custom EarPlugs with apex technology ($199.00), the world’s most advanced custom earplugs, which offer more sophisticated hearing protection than any other plugs on the market. 64 Audio’s EP-Cs owe their effectiveness to the revolutionary apex technology and are manufactured using the same 3D FiT Technology that has drastically improved the precision of fit in our custom in-ear monitors.


Conventional hearing protection products present several disturbing problems. They hermetically seal the ear canal, which causes the occlusion effect and amplifies any sound by up to 60db. When the user speaks, chews, or even walks, any vibrations are transmitted directly to the eardrum through their cranium. With an open ear, pneumatic pressures created by vibrations in the body escape out of the ear canal and go unnoticed. In a sealed ear, however, the pneumatic pressure is trapped and directly impacts the eardrum. Furthermore, traditional earplugs create the allusion of reducing noise by holding the eardrum under harmful pressure. This results in a muffling affect rather than decreased volume.

64 Audio’s EP-Cs address these problems using apex technology. The apex modules (which are all compatible with the EP-Cs) absorb pneumatic pressure in the ear. This alleviates stress on the eardrum created by the occlusion effect. The apex module contains a synthetic eardrum that absorbs pneumatic pressure created by vibration and sound. These modules also provide even attenuation of frequencies, resulting in a clearer sound. With the EP-C’s and their accompanying apex modules, wearers can turn down the volume of the outside world while keeping their eardrums relaxed and fatigue-free.


64 Audio’s new EP-Cs take advantage of our 3D FiT Technology, resulting in a better fit and greater comfort. These hard-acrylic earplugs will last much longer than silicone products, due to the lifespan of the material.

Customers placing their EP-C orders online will be able to choose from any of 64 Audio’s standard shell colors. It will also be possible to order a selection of apex modules to accompany the EP-Cs. Furthermore, customers will have the option to have a lanyard (connecting L&R pieces together) imbedded into the acrylic of their EP-Cs for convenience.


The apex technology is quickly becoming the industry standard for professionals and music enthusiasts. As already demonstrated in 64 Audio’s signature in-ear monitors, the apex modules offer true hearing preservation accompanied by clear and spacious soundNow, with 64 Audio’s new EP-C line, the apex technology once again rises to solve traditional problems with hearing protection. Thanks to apex technology, 64 Audio is proud to launch the best hearing protection products on the market.

Check out the new EP-Custom EarPlugs with apex technology here!