As with most things at 64 Audio, we respond to our customers. This is true whether it is us developing technology, pivoting manufacturing processes, adapting accessories, etc. The educational series is born of that same reaction to our customers, we thought “Let’s just answer as many of the main questions we commonly get asked.” Of course, this isn’t a way to automate the customer service process, we’re always happy to have a conversation about IEMs via email or over the phone. Even if you’re fairly familiar with in-ear monitors, this visually engaging series might offer a fresh perspective on a thing or two. 

After covering topics like “What Are IEMs” and “How To Get Impressions” in this, our third, installation of the educational series we break down which IEMs are right for a variety of end-users. Here we focused on our custom IEMs and techs/musicians, our unboxing series might be a better resource for our audiophile customers looking for direction. 

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We make IEMs that range from 2-18 drivers, a total of 9 models. We most recently added our A3t and A4s to that lineup. Generally speaking all of our products follow that signature 64 Audio house sound, but they all behave a bit differently and can be utilized as a highly effective tool for your craft. In this video we chose to focus on mixing engineers, guitar players, bass players, drummers, keys players, vocalists, and musical directors. Of course we are missing an almost infinite amount of end-users but we felt like this was a fairly basic yet comprehensive list to start with. 

Let us know what you think in the comments of the video, and feel free to reach us directly with any further questions. 

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