For the last couple years, live music and touring in general has been almost non-existent. So with this time, we’ve really honed-in on our personal audio and audiophile products. We’ve released a lot of awesome universal in-ear monitors like Nio, U18s, U6t, and Duo, but for the past few months we have been developing two new custom IEMs – A3t and A4s.


We are all musicians and/or audio engineers; we all work in the touring and live audio/performance space. We actually have several members of our management and executive teams rehearsing for tours in our media studio. Live music is in our DNA

Goodbye Past, Hello Future

The A4t, our longstanding four driver model originally introduced in 2017 is being replaced by the new A4s ($1,099), AND it is also being replaced by our new three driver custom IEM, A3t ($899).

They’re both on either end of A4t’s base price of $999. The A3e model is not being replaced, however, it will still live in our product ecosystem. 

The New and Dynamic A3t and A4s




A4s is a complete redesign of our four driver platform, it’s elevated by the Dynamic low frequency driver, making this 64 Audio’s second hybrid custom IEM. Along with that major update, inside A4s is our Tia technology, LID and our patented Apex and 3Dfit tech.

  • Tia
  • LID
  • Apex

While this is targeted at musicians looking for a rich enveloping monitoring experience, the frequency response, detail, and soundstage capabilities of A4s exceed other audiophile products at almost any price point. 

It wouldn’t be surprising to see the A4s being used in a rigorous environment like a live musical performance, and then see that same product being worn by music enthusiasts, or a full blown audiophile, to listen to a recording of that same performance.

This is a true audiophile grade IEM in every aspect, putting it in the same class as our higher priced IEMs like N8 and A18s. The frequency response follows proven targets for fidelity and preference.

All About That Bass

This is bass that can only be produced by a dynamic driver; it is powerful, enveloping and deep while avoiding being muddy. The mids are revealing and present, contributing greatly to its wide stereo imaging and separation.

High frequency response toes the line between neutral and detailed; balanced enough to mix a record on while offering the extension needed to make a recording really come alive. 



In Typical 64 Audio Fashion we continue to make our revolutionary technology more and more accessible with the introduction of A3t. Our Tia technology is available at a new lower price point, along with LID and our patented Apex and 3Dfit tech.

The goal with A3t was simple: make a reference monitor that rivals products more than 5x its price, this simple yet powerful arrangement of balanced armature drivers and crossover components achieves that perfectly.

This is a perfect tool for any audio engineer or musician looking for a neutral, balanced and musical reference monitor for live and recorded performance.

Mix Accuracy

One of the first things you think when playing your initial reference track is “this sounds right,” pure and simple. Usually when listening to an audio product, especially as a sceptic, you are able to quickly latch onto something that could’ve been done better, A3t just reproduces the mix without anything distracting you from the music.

Everything sits in its proper place; capable bass, present mids, smooth yet detailed highs. To fans of the A6t and A12t this will be a very familiar sound. 

Apart from the sound of our IEMs being our main sales tool, the way we sell to potential customers through visual mediums is by designing visually striking audiophile earphones.

Live Music

Since A3t and A4s are cosmetically bespoke in nature we thought, “what if we just sell them in black and white?” After this period of “no live music” and focusing on personal audio, releasing mostly audiophile IEMs lately, we really wanted to make a statement about our dedication to live music.

We focused heavily on the classic “wheat-paste concert poster” or “play-bill” as the inspiration.

For all of us here our roots (and current lives) are centered around shows, touring, rock music, alt music culture, etc; the essence of the poster designs.

It was a fun experience overall, working with a great local artist, using photo content from 64 Audio users, printing the posters and building models to photograph.

We really hope the spirit of the A3t and A4s campaign comes through clearly and reassures folks that we are definitely still a pro-audio product for the live music industry. 

Artist Insights

“I could give you all the specs, and all the frequency response, but instead I’d much rather just give you an adjective – and that adjective is FUN. When I put these in the lows of my bass drum were just enhanced a little bit, the floor tom just hits me in the chest, the hi hats and the snare have a little extra sizzle and a little extra crack to them – and in all honesty, that makes me want to stay on the kit longer and practice even more.”

– Mike Johnston (A4s)

“I just got to try their brand new product which is the A3t — and man, for the price point, which is much more affordable, they still sound really great. The mid range, the upper mids are super clear, and I think it would be ideal for vocalists and guitarists who need that mid range clarity. Definitely check those guys out. And, their fit is great too — man, the 64 fit has been wonderful.”

– Luke Hendrickson (A3t)

“In total each monitor as 4-drivers, and let me tell you, they pack a punch! I like to use my in ear monitors at the relative low volumes, and even at that level the A4s’s deliver the whole package. They especially do a great job with handling low-end thanks to that dynamic driver, which is very important to me as a drummer. I feel the separation of the kick, the bass, and it gives me the full picture without lacking any detail.”

– Nelli Bubujanca (A4s)

“These sound a lot like – if not identical to – my previous pair of in ears which were more of a $2000 line of in ears. They really crushed it this time. This is a super affordable model for anyone out there who’s on stage wanting to take their monitor mixes to the next level. This is the one I’m recommending to anybody who asks me ‘what in ears should I buy? I don’t want to break the bank account’ – this is the one I’m gonna tell them to get because it’s really the best sound for the money.”

– Jeffrey Kunde (A3t)

“The new A4s IEMs are a joy to listen to. They’re clear, balanced, and have rich, gorgeous low end – a perfect choice for drummers and bass players. Like all of 64 Audio’s IEMs, the fit is super comfortable and the apex vent makes it so you can wear them for hours without any ear fatigue, which really comes in handy for those long rehearsal days. There is no better option at this price point!”

– Andrew Marshall (A4s)

“Listen, all that clarity, and definition, and articulation that you look for if you’re an artist or a musician, the things that are essential (y’all know what I’m talking about) – is all in here man. To be able to use these… is really special.”

– Bubby Lewis (A4s)

“Not only would I highly recommend these customizable A3t’s, I’m gonna use them! I’m gonna use them on tour, in the studio, I think they’ve become my GO-TO pair.”

– Matt Halpern (A3t)

“They sound phenomenal. Perfect balance for my use. I think they’ll be great for FOH, listening to music, mixing critically, all the things I need. Really impressed.”

– Lee Fields (A3t)

Find the A3t and A4s here!