Aspire 4 – Professional Universal In-Ear Monitors

Monitoring Tool

Aspire 4 is our newest hybrid UIEM for musicians and live music professionals. You can now monitor like a pro with four-drivers in a newly designed ergonomic shell. This full redesign is built with our industry leading technology and infused with 64 Audio’s professional heritage and legendary sound. Whether you’re just getting into monitoring with in-ears, not ready for customs, need a backup set, or simply prefer generic fitting products Aspire 4 offers best-in-class sound and ergonomics.

At HQ in Vancouver Washington we’ve seen this bouncing around the building in various forms for arguably four years. We took the necessary time to perfect this product to hopefully infuse what we’ve learned to even more products in the future. After beta testing in the field, even getting extremely useful feedback from notorious UIEM user Herbie Hancock we were finally ready to present this to the world.

If you’re familiar with our products over the years you’ll know that since the development of Fourté and U18t we’ve released 13 Universal In-Ear Monitor (UIEM) models built with our beautiful and comfortable milled aluminum shells over these last eight or so years. Aspire 4 is unique in so many ways, but at first glance the most obvious is its shape and outer material setting it apart from the rest of our current other 10 UIEM models.

The four part construction is made up of an abs molded shell and stainless steel stepped nozzle.

New Look, Same Legendary Tech

Continuing with our trickle down tech philosophy, Aspire 4 features our Apex Core, LID, and waveguide tech to achieve this best in class performance. The three BA + single DD drivers are configured using an integrated electronic 3-way crossover network. The 9mm DD benefits from the innovation seen in our Fourté Blanc, with the use of our new textile mesh filters; now seen in most of our DD implementations. This is the same driver used in our Nio UIEM. While Aspire 4 doesn’t use our legendary tia™ HF driver, we’ve used what we learned in the development of Volür’s HF waveguide to design a new waveguide for the BA used here. With the implementation of this waveguide we round off Aspire 4’s huge, but balanced, sound with the high-frequency detail and air that 64 Audio UIEMs are known for.

Apex Core Explained

Our patented apex™ technology has propelled 64 Audio since its introduction in 2015 and even been copied in recent years. As opposed to how you may have normally seen apex implemented, in the form of an interchangeable module, this tech is seamlessly integrated into the body of the earphone. The pressure relieving channel provides our controlled leak via acoustic filters as opposed to pneumatically interactive foam in our traditional apex implementation. It offers similar pressure relief as our other apex implementations, while maintaining -20db of isolation. Apex core is an implementation that Aspire 4 inherited from our Duo UIEM.

Our New Waveguide

The tia™ high-frequency driver has garnered an incredible reputation. Because of this we had to come up with a different way of getting close to that response. Our waveguide is a custom designed acoustic structure integrated onto the high-frequency balanced armature driver. Unique in its shape and implementation, this waveguide increases the driver’s efficiency by directing and focusing its energy for a crisp and clear sound. While often seen in large scale speaker applications, waveguides aren’t often seen on this micro-scale.

Similar to A2e and A3e, which also don’t use our tia™ high-driver, Aspire 4 is made to be as cost effective as we possibly could with this driver count and configuration. This means that the proprietary tia drivers couldn’t fit that mold. We also wanted to take as much time as needed to perfect these lower cost innovations with Aspire 4 to make sure we have something absolutely incredible to continue to trickle down in case we see more similar products in the future 


With live music at the forefront of our tuning criteria do we make a highly accurate unforgiving studio monitor or a contoured device that helps musicians hear themselves more effectively? As with many of our monitoring tools the answer is somewhere in the middle. Huge bass that can reproduce some of the toughest frequencies in the audible spectrum with quick ease. Forward mids that are precisely elevated for articulation in the most vital region of instruments and voices. Plenty of top end sparkle really separates Aspire 4 from any other UIEM in its class, making this powerful sound signature a perfect blend of accuracy and musicality.

A Sound for Multiple Audiences

While Aspire 4 was designed for musicians and live-audio professionals to monitor performances, it is not unique in that we’ve created many products aimed at one audience but satisfying others in the process. The most recent example being U4s, which started as the custom A4s. Similarly products that are aimed at audiophiles and high-end audio enthusiasts are picked up by professionals, like A18t, and we’re all about it. Aspire 4 has all of the hallmarks of the classic 64 Audio sound in a new lighter/smaller package. While it is certainly not a “budget” IEM in today’s standards it is a great way to get into our UIEM range and has the sonic + technical capability of being your end-game IEM.

Aspire 4 Specs

  • Color : Black
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz – 18kHz
  • Isolation : -20 dB
  • Material : Molded ABS Shell + Stainless Steel Nozzle
  • Impedance : 11Ω @ 1kHz
  • IPX Cable 48″ Black – Detachable, 90 degree 3.5mm Jack
  • Driver Configuration
    • 1 Low Dynamic Driver
    • 2 Mid Balanced Armature Drivers
    • 1 High Balanced Armature Driver
  • Sensitivity: 104dB @ 1kHz @1mw
  • Included Items
    • Carry Case
    • Foam + Silicone Ear Tips
    • Comply Oval Foam Tips
    • IPX Cable
    • Cleaning Tool
    • 1/4″ Adapter
    • Shirt Clip
  • Price : $899

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