VANCOUVER, WA, November 22, 2017 – 64 Audio is proud to announce the launch of three new in-ear monitor products: the A12t, U12t, and tia Trió, all with the break-through, patent pending tia™ technology.

The tia technology features the proprietary tia drivers, the tia single-bore, and the tia acoustic chambers. The tia driver is a unique, open balanced armature speaker that produces sound with a direct-radiating, fully unobstructed diaphragm. Coupled with this new driver is a single large sound bore that provides an extremely short path between the driver and the eardrum. This bore acts as a natural sound-shaping chamber, tuning the tia driver without long sound tubes that are used in conventional in-ear monitors. As a result, the tia drivers deliver an astonishingly clear, smooth frequency response. These two features, paired with special acoustic chambers in the monitor’s internal design, eliminate many of the unwanted resonances and distortions that are found in conventional IEM designs. The tia system gives you more of the clear highs that you want without all the fatiguing resonant peaks and distortion.

“Our engineers worked tirelessly for many months improving the fidelity, comfort, and performance of these new products.” States Vitaliy Belonozhko, CTO and Founder of 64 Audio. “We can’t wait for our customers, our 64 Family, to get their ‘ears’ on them and experience music like never before!”

The new A12t and U12t are the ultimate monitors for professional stage and studio use as well as the most demanding audiophile applications. Each of these models has 4 low drivers, 6 mid drivers, 1 high-mid driver, and 1 tia high driver. The tia high driver is located in the sound stem of the earphone and delivers a clean, smooth, and beautifully extended top-end. The conventional low and mid drivers feed directly into the tia single-bore, resulting in a more lively and three-dimensional soundstage. A12t is a custom in-ear monitor that is made to specifically fit the individual’s ears with a hypoallergenic acrylic shell perfectly fitted via our 3D-Fit™ technology. The U12t are Universal-Fit earphones housed in an ergonomic and durable aluminum shell. Both models start at $1999 USD.

The tia Trió is a brand new addition to 64 Audio’s Universal Earphone lineup. This new model features a completely tubeless design, which consists of the tia single-bore, tia acoustic chambers, and proprietary open balanced armature tia drivers. This model was built from the ground up with the audiophile experience in mind, striking a perfect balance between reference quality sound and personal entertainment. Thanks to the dynamic driver that provides weight and punch to the low end, you won’t miss a beat or a bass line. The Trio also features the FXC Frequency eXtension Chamber™ that allows for a far superior mid-frequency control on a back-vented dynamic driver, giving vocals and instruments a remarkably natural transparent and lifelike sound. The tia Trió is now available for $2299 USD.

All three new models incorporate the patent pending apex™ technology. With apex, air pressure is vented from the ear canal to reduce ear fatigue and improves the spatial imaging. In the A12t and U12t, the apex technology is modular, allowing the user to choose the level of isolation and sound flavor, while the tia Trio features fixed apex parameters.

To learn more about the new products and technologies please visit the 64 Audio website,


About 64 Audio
What makes 64 Audio truly unique is their ability to recognize the significant achievements of the past, and move forward by continuously innovating and improving their technologies. Founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko, a sound engineer who has been working with musicians and production companies for over a decade, Vitaliy discovered the advantages of IEMs over traditional floor “wedges.” After trying out a few brands it was apparent that a better and a more advanced solution to in-ear monitoring was needed. Today, with a staff of over 60 people and a team of some of the best minds, 64 Audio has become the most innovative in-ear monitor manufacturer in the industry, supplying products to some of the biggest bands and engineers in the world. With new unrivaled innovations such as apex™, tia™, and 3D-Fit™ technology, many consider 64 Audio to be the fastest growing in-ear monitor company in the world.