To kick off the summer of 2016, 64 Audio is releasing our brand new A1 Custom In-Ear Monitor (IEM). This new product is the most affordable Custom IEM with ADEL Technology on the market today, sold for only $499. The A1 is perfect for emerging artists or bands, houses of worship, and anyone looking to purchase a high-value custom product at a reasonable price. This is a low-profile, low driver-count, low cost IEM with a big sound and a big value.  


Like all 64 Audio A-series in-ear monitors, the A1 is a hand-crafted product made to fit the unique shape of your ears. Due to the custom fit, they are inherently noise-cancelling. The A1s are designed to work with a wide range of personal audio devices and monitor systems (hard-wired and wireless).


Housed in the 3D-printed custom shell, the A1 packs a dual armature unit – two drivers in a single package. This means a low-profile appearance and an extremely comfortable feel. The A1 hosts the revolutionary ADEL Technology, created through 64 Audio’s partnership with Stephen Ambrose and Asius Technologies. The ADEL Technology not only provides hearing protection, but also creates a spacious listening experience with a lot of clarity – qualities that can only be found in more expensive IEMs.


In order to offer them at such an affordable price, the A1s will sport a single design configuration. All A1s will have Translucent Charcoal shells and faceplates with silver 64 Audio logos and a silver cable.


Check out the new A1 IEMs with ADEL Technology here!