“I got my custom in-ear monitors, now what?”

Well, IEMs are basically earphones. On one end you have the earpieces, and on the other end the 3.5mm jack which has to plug into something to work. If you’re using your IEMs to monitor your performance on stage or in a studio you either need a wired headphone amplifier or a wireless solution in the case that you’d prefer not to be tethered to a wire. If you know that you’ll need one of these two options to make your monitoring work we are happy to offer a one-stop solution at 64audio.com

64 Audio is proud to carry Shure wireless and wired monitoring products.

Grab the PSM300 series wireless system or the P9HW wired pack when customizing your IEMs. Whether you’re looking for a plug-and-play monitoring solution in any environment, or looking to upgrade your current system, Shure is a staple audio brand you can trust to drive your new 64 Audio custom IEMs. 


Shure’s PSM300 wireless in-ear monitor system is a perfect way to take your stage performance to the next level. With features like one-touch frequency scan and IR sync it’s designed to be virtually “plug and play.” Get more control over your mix with volume level controls, EQ, and limiting.


Shure’s P9HW Wired in-ear monitoring bodypack is an easy and effective way to integrate in-ear monitoring into your performances. The simplicity of this hard-wired unit allows you to bring it into virtually any live music environment and easily hear the mix in minutes.

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