The end of the year is swiftly approaching, and 64 Audio is thrilled to end 2016 with a bang!

Just in time for Black Friday, we have launched our revolutionary tia technology. This ground-breaking innovation is featured in our three new in-ear models, the tia Fourté™, U18t Tzar™, and A18t Tzar™.

We broke all the rules this time to bring you the best of new technology and eight years of experience designing world-class in-ear monitors.

What Makes tia So Unique?

This new technology features the proprietary tia drivers, the tia single-bore, and the tia acoustic chambers. The tia driver stands apart as an open balanced armature design that produces sound with a direct-radiating, fully unobstructed diaphragm.

Coupled with this new driver is a single large bore that provides an extremely short path between the driver and the ear. This bore acts as a natural sound-shaping chamber, tuning the tia driver without sound tubes that are used in conventional in-ear monitors. As a result, the tia drivers deliver an astonishingly clear, linear frequency response.

These two features, paired with special acoustic chambers in the monitor’s internal design, eliminate many of the unwanted resonances and distortions that are found in conventional IEMs that use sound tubes and acoustic dampers. The tia system gives you more of the clear highs that you want without incidental resonance and interference.

“The tia system is a new frontier in in-ear audioAs a sound designer, I always look for ways to eliminate limitations of old technologies and the tia system allowed us to reach new heights in personal and professional audio.”

Vitaliy Belonozhko, Founder and Chief Sound Designer

tia Fourté

Our new tia Fourté is the only IEM on the market that utilizes every feature of the new tia system. This 4-driver universal model is the first of its kind. All three elements of the tia technology are incorporated into the Fourté, and in addition to that, we have installed an internal passive radiator and our apex technology.

All of this innovation comes in an elegant, durable exterior shell machined from a solid piece of aluminum.

U18t & A18t

The U18t Tzar and A18t Tzar are our tia hybrid models. These two new models feature our custom tia drivers as well as the tia single bore. But the drivers aren’t the only thing that’s special – the U18t and A18t are the world’s first in-ear monitors to house 18 drivers per ear.

It’s the pinnacle of in-ear sound, designed for the most discerning listeners, audiophiles, and musicians who are searching for the ultimate reference sound.

Like all of 64 Audio A-Series and U-Series IEMs, these two new models come with apex module technology for fatigue-free listening. The U18, like the Fourté, holds all of its greatness in a machined aluminum shell that is both smaller and more ergonomic than the U12, our previous flagship. The A18, like all of our A-Series models, can be customized through our IEM Designer.

Visit our website to learn more about tia™ technology and the newly launched models that feature this exciting system.

For customers that would like to upgrade to our new models, we are offering a Flagship Upgrade program where we will upgrade a 64 Audio 12 or 10 driver IEM to the new flagship models. This program runs from November 25 – December 31, 2016.