64 Audio started with the discovery of a need for a higher quality personal audio solution for musicians, sound engineers, and audiophiles alike. The company was founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko, the second oldest of twelve, in 2010. What makes this company so uniquely different from any other IEM company is the artistic sound sculpting vision. Touring with the family band throughout the first decade of this century really gave Vitaliy a keen ear for what musicians need on stage. This vision lead the way to great success for his company. Vitaliy’s innovating enterprise is still both owned and operated by the Belonozhko family. 64 Audio represents more than just the Belonozhkos, though – we are a family of our own. We celebrate individual achievements as well as our collective successes, like the launch of our Custom and Universal lines. 64 Audio is invested in changing the way our customers hear music, but we invest in the people who make this company successful as well. We strive for innovation and excellence in our products, but our goals also include an ultimate picture of employment; our employees can enjoy themselves at work, be productive, create a product that people love, share a vision, and know that their company is profitable. We also believe that the transactions we make with our customers can only be as good as the transactions within the company itself. With that in mind, we hope to communicate our ideals clearly to our customers, who not only buy our products but who also join the 64 Audio family.

The employees that work at 64’ make the company a real success story. Because we value them so highly, we want to show them off. For the year 2016, we are going to highlight a member of our team every month. These showcases will give insight into who actually makes the IEMs. What exactly is it that they do? What do they do when they aren’t at 64 Audio? Who is their favorite musician?  We will answer these questions and more as we go “behind the scenes” to get to know the people who make every pair of IEMs possible.